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Cookery Classes for Everyone!

The cookery classes, with an average of  8 students, will inspire those who want to learn to cook or expand their knowledge. Our aim is not to intimidate, we do not wear chefs whites and we do use kitchen equipment you will have at home, ingredients you will be able to find and give you lots of encouragement and support. 

You will relax with a coffee and a demonstation before you start cooking,  picking up more skills and tips than you would ever learn from a recipe book. We want you to leave our classes with a recipe booklet, a new confidence and something you've cooked that you're really proud of!

Gift vouchers are available for most of our cookery classes. Why not put your own group of friends together for a Birthday, an activity if you are a class representative, or general celebration? The cost per person will be the same as long as you have 8 per group.

Please browse through our cookery classes below and select a class for more information, dates, availability and booking. New dates are added throughout the year.

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Baking Cookery Class

British Baking Day

This is the perfect class if you would like to start baking at home. There is no substitute for practical experience rather than trying to pick up the technique from a book. With us, you will learn how to make and handle pastry, work with yeast to make a simple bread, and bake a cake for all occasions. This is a full hands on class enjoyed by men and women and we expect everyone to have flour on their aprons by the end of the morning!  We will  hold your own "Great British bake off" day if you book a group of 7 friends.  Please ring or email us to have a chat about a private day.

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Catch of the day

Catch of the day

Fish is the ultimate fast food and also one of the healthiest. We know that everyone wants to eat more fish but lack the confidence when it comes to choosing, preparing and cooking it.

We are extremely fortunate that Ron Fowler from Fowler and Sons in Bookham supports The Surrey Hills Cookery School and is happy to share his wealth of knowledge with us. He regularly lectures to classes of up to eighty students and with our small classes it really is a great opportunity to attend one of his lectures. As a result the classes fill up very quickly indeed.

This is a demo only class

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Family Cookery Course | Cooking for friends & family

Fab food for friends

Fab food for friends is designed for busy people who would like to cook an exciting menu to enjoy with friends or family. Enjoy entertaining without stress and spending hours in the kitchen.

 If you would like to get a group of friends together, we can book a private day for you.

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How to Survive Uni without mum | Teenage Cookery Course

How to Survive Uni without Mum

For most 18 year olds going to university will be the first time in their lives they have had to think about shopping, cooking and preparing their own meals If they are going into catered halls, rarely are meals provided seven days a week. Having sent five children off to university between us we know that they will soon get bored of eating toast and cereal and that boys and girls cook completely differently. But with a little help from us they can learn to cook some delicious, nutritious and simple food that will make them popular with friends and housemates. Featured in ESSENTIALS magazine July 2013.

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Love life? Eat well!

If you're confused about whether you should be eating a "Low fat" or "Low sugar" diet, or packing in 5, 7 or even 10 portions of fruit and vegetables a day then this is a class for you.  We believe in a healthy, common sense, attitude to food and by tweaking what you regularly cook and the way you cook it you can enjoy delicious healthy food that is far from boring. 

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Mr Chef | Cookery Course for Men

Mr Chef

Our men only Mr Chef class is hugely popular and ideal for men who would like to learn to cook in a calm and relaxed environment. We know from experience that a man's reasons for wanting to learn to cook are varied, perhaps they want to spoil their partner, cook for their families or just have the time or need to find their feet in the kitchen.

"Thank you so much for a brilliant day. You literally took me from cooking numpty to kitchen confident knife ninja in less than a day!"  Andy January 2015

Many of our Mr Chefs return to us for Mr Chef part 2 and Mr Chef part 3!!


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Mens Cookery Class | Cooking Course for Men

Mr Chef Part 2

This class is suitable for men who have attended our Mr Chef class and gained their confidence or those who would like to increase their repertoire.

Mr Chef part 2 and 3 are of a simular standard just different menus

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Mr Chef 3/ Mens cookery classes

Mr Chef Part 3

You started with us as a 'Rookie' in our Mr Chef class and your confidence grew so why not come and learn some new recipes on our Mr Chef part 2 or part 3 class.

Mr Chef part 2 and 3 are of a very simular standard just different menus.

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Rookie Cooking

If you are overwhelmed by all the cookery programmes on television and just simply want to learn to cook then this step by step class will teach you some tasty main dishes, a dessert and how to bake a cake for tea.

"Thank you we all enjoyed it immensely and are delighted with the results we achieved. Francessca cant believe she made three things that worked Isabella's boyfriend is impressed and I am thrilled to have learnt new things after all this time. Many thanks." Julia

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Christmas Cookery Course | Surrey Hills Cookery School

Simply Christmas

Join us and make this wonderful raised pie ready for Christmas.  See how simple it is to make delicious canapes, prepare a dish for unexpected guests and an easy edible gift idea to help  entertaining at Christmas a little easier. 

Please ring or email us if you would like us to run a "simply Christmas" class for a group of friends,perfect for a work or club outing, Birthday treat or Mum's get together.

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Teenage DoE Cookery Course | Cooking for Teenagers

Teenage / Duke of Edinburgh Award

Essential cookery skills for teenage cooks.  This 12 week course course teaches everything from baking, pastry and cake making to main meals and puddings. The students bring home their results each week for the family to enjoy, that's if they haven't eaten them first.

Our January 2015 classes are now full and we are booking our Autumn term classes starting on Monday 7th September 2015.

We have two classes on a Monday evening, 5.15pm-6.30pm and 6.45pm-8pm.

Please book the appropriate time.

5.15pm-6.30pm Monday evenings £250

6.45pm-8pm Monday evenings. £250

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